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Robotic Case Packing

Motion Controls Robotics develops robotic case packing systems that allow product to be automatically packed into pre-erected, lined or unlined corrugated cases. Products are fed into the system via flat top conveyor. Erected cases are placed on the case conveyor and are automatically registered for packing. Cases packed with bottles exit the system for easy removal. The robotic container case packing system is flexible, precise, programmable and portable. The system reduces costs and is easy to use.


News & events

  • Motion Controls Robotics Announces Strategic Partnership

    Motion Controls Robotics, Inc - April 02, 2014

    Motion Controls Robotics, Inc., a leading provider of robotic automation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Combi Packaging Systems LLC, a leading provider of customized end-of-line packaging equipment, to integrate robotic pick and place technology with ergonomic hand packing equipment. They are launching a new automated case packing product called the Ergobot®, an automated version of Combi’s proven Ergopack® ergonomic hand packing station. Motion Controls Robotics will apply its expertise in robotic packaging, case packing and palletizing to expand the ability of both companies to fully automate case packing and packaging tasks.

  • Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. Hires Paul Getten as Southeast Sales Manager

    Motion Controls Robotics, Inc - February 12, 2014

     FREMONT, Ohio, Feb. 10, 2014 – Motion Controls Robotics Inc., a leading provider of fully integrated material handling robotic systems, recently hired Paul Getten to fill their newly created Southeast Region Sales Manager position. Getton, working out of Charlotte, NC, will support customers in the Southeast region to solve their automation challenges.


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Dual line case packer with tool changer


Single line case packer showing vertical, horizontal and inverted pack patterns