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Videos show a variety of applications where case packing is automated as a stand alone system or integrated with other automation processes.

Layered Case Packing

Case Packing

Robotic case packing cell uses two food grade, five axis LR Mate robots to pack dip cups. One robot places a slip sheet into a waiting case while the second robot places a full layer of dip cups from the filling line into the case.

Bag Case Packing


This robotic case packing cell uses a LR Mate robot to pack products that are wrapped in plastic into cases.



A case packing cell with the flexibility of ergonomic hand packing and automatic robotic pick and place case packing. FANUC robots are integrated by MCRI with Ergopack® hand packing stations from Combi Packaging.

ErgoPakPal-Flexible Packaging


Robot integrated into a Combi Packaging system to pack cases and then palletize them in the same cell saving floor space.

Plastic Bottles - Options


Single line case packer showing vertical, horizontal and inverted pack patterns.



SUBTA (Stand Up Bottle Take Away) is a pre-engineered robotic system designed for PET blow-molded bottle handling. Motion Controls Robotics has the largest installed base of SUBTA robotic systems throughout the country, with many satisfied repeat customers. The company has developed SUBTA systems for most major molding machines including Nissei and Aoki.

Case Erecting/Palletizing


FANUC M710 case erector robot erects and places cases on products as they pass in-line heading towards a FANUC M410 robot which palletizes the products and sends full pallets off to be strech wrapped.

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