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2016 MCRI Robotics Newsletter 2

packagingRobot Integration Project

Robotic Packaging and Case Packing
Do you have a packaging process that requires multiple steps for completion? This robot cell might be the answer.

  • Erect empty cases checkmark
  • Package assembly (i.e., plastic clamshell) checkmark
  • Pick and place product in packagingcheckmark
  • Package closure checkmark
  • Pack product in cases checkmark
  • Seal cases with tape checkmark

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Featured Video

Multi-Product, Multi-Line Robotic Palletizer

The customer needed a solution for palletizing, in limited floorspace, two different packaging options for a product they are sending out to a variety of customers. Find out more about this robotic palletizing cell >>

Featured Product

Robotic Order Fulfillment Solution for Beverage Distribution

Motion Controls Robotics can design a mixed pallet, full layer order fulfillment system to meet your setup and needs. Each system will utilize the benefits of innovations and technologies that have repeatedly proven to increase efficiency and ROI.

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Roll Handling

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Top Robot Applications at MCRI
The Robotics Industries of America shows assembly, material handling and welding as robotic applications that experienced growth in North American in 2015. MCRI is a robotic system integrator focusing on robotic picking, packing and palletizing as well as machine load/unload applications. A company comes to us with a challenge and we design a robot cell to meet their needs.

Top Robot Applications
• Case Packing
• Machine Load / Unload
• Palletizing
• Other Material Handling
• Board Handling

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