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Genkotsu Learning Control (GLC) – Making FANUC Robots Even Faster

FANUC robots already have a reputation for being lightning fast.  Recently developed software, referred to as GLC or Genkotsu Learning Control, makes FANUC’s delta-style robots even faster.

This video demonstrates how FANUC GLC can optimize the performance of a FANUC "Genkotsu" or delta-style pick and place robot. The FANUC robot seen in the video is the largest in FANUC’s family of delta-style robots — The FANUC M-3iA/6S four-axis robot. The M-3iA robot picks boxes of chocolate three at a time from a line-tracked in-feed conveyor and packs them into a fixed station case at very high speeds. A monitor displays what the robot is seeing.  

With GLC enabled, the robot is able to pick up to an amazingly fast 131 parts per minute. However, we are able to see the difference in the system’s speed with GLC and without GLC by disabling it. The green push button on the left disables the GLC software feature. When the button is pushed down, the process is conducted at lower speeds, and the robot with GLC disabled is unable to pick up to the previous 131 parts per minute. The conveyors are slowed so that the robot can keep up without missing any boxes and – as seen on the monitor – with the GLC disabled the robot can pick up to 121 parts per minute, 10 less boxes than with GLC enabled.

That’s because GLC uses interactive learning techniques to optimize speed and motion performance of the FANUC M-3iA robot. Motion times can be reduced up to 10%, all while keeping the robot duty within an acceptable range — something less-advanced speedup methods are unable to achieve. This demonstration also uses FANUC’s new iRPickTool software, which simplifies setup for line tracking systems and minimizes programming for customers with picking applications. It also uses the new ROBOGUIDE/iRPickPRO software, which allows customers to simulate visual tracking systems with multiple robots for testing and validating real-world scenarios on a PC.

For more information on all of these new, innovative software features from FANUC America, please contact Motion Controls Robotics Inc at 419.334.5886, or visit our website at as well as the FANUC website at


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