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Subta Bottle Unloading and Leak Testing

Handle and test it. Motion Controls Robotics’ SUBTA (Stand Up Bottle Take Away) is a pre-engineered robotic system designed for PET blow-molded bottle handling.

Motion Controls Robotics has the largest installed base of SUBTA robotic systems throughout the country, with many satisfied repeat customers. The company has developed SUBTA systems for most major molding machines including Nissei and Aoki.

This sets us apart by providing excellent service and technical expertise to all of our customers. The Robotic SUBTA system enables in-line automated PET bottle handling and unloading for coating, leak testing, case packing and bulk palletizing.

  • For larger mold machines, the system uses the FANUC M-10iA or the M-20iA robot
  • Systems that work with smaller mold machines use the smaller FANUC LRMate 200iC robot


Benefits of Bottle Unloading and Leak Testing

Reduced costs

  • Labor savings of up to two people per shift
  • Automated machine reduces worker compensation costs
  • Reduced floor space requirements
  • Cost competitive with fixed automation, with far greater flexibility and reliability


  • Can be moved from one mold machine to another
  • Tooling is interchangeable between SUBTAs


  • Built-in operator pendant with stored recipes
  • Menu selection for patterns
  • Adjust pick and place positions, on-the-fly
  • Stores recipes and allows for easy retrieval
  • Hundreds of part recipes to maintain part data such as part description pick, place locations and vacuum pattern

Increased throughput

  • High reliability and uptime 80,000 hours mean time between failures
  • Faster cycle times than most mold machines
  • On-the-fly leak detection
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