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MCRI Value

MCRI Value – When deciding to add robotics to your process, selecting a robot integrator can be a complicated decision.

A robot cell is an integration of multiple devices that work together to complete a needed process. This can involve one or more robots, a variety of stations, devices, and equipment. There are usually multiple setups that will accomplish the same process. So, finding the integrator with the experience to implement the best, most efficient solution is your goal.

MCRI’s dedication to quality robot systems is evidenced by high design standards and rigorous attention to detail in every phase:

Design – MCRI Value

The customer’s goal is to see a quick return on investment determined by the productivity of the robotic cell. Robotic cell design is critical in maximizing efficiency and throughput. From the moment we receive your application/process request, our sales and application engineers are asking questions, analyzing the information, and if necessary, planning a visit to your site so they can bring you the best design for your system based on your established improvement goals.

MCRI works together with you to define each area of the system based on your established improvement goals:

Build – MCRI Value

Our diverse team of engineers, programmers, and fabricators work together with you and your MCRI project manager to build a solution for your process. The team at MCRI is experienced in building both large and small robot cells. Making sure to be trained and familiar with the latest practices, equipment, and technology needed to build productive systems.

MCRI creates an industry-leading level of quality and performance by following well-established procedures for the construction of your equipment. Each system is built, programmed, and tested at MCRI’s 61,000 square foot facility in Fremont, OH. Control over the facility and fabrication of equipment helps eliminate bottlenecks to on-time delivery and ensures product quality for customers.

Before we tear down the system for delivery, there is Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at MCRI where a system runoff will prove the agreed-upon system capabilities and rates.

Once the system has passed specifications, it is carefully packed, and shipped to the customer’s location.

Install – MCRI Value

MCRI is committed to delivering systems of unparalleled performance and quality. MCRI’s install team communicates with the facility the requirements for installation. Everything is labeled at MCRI for quick setup to minimize disturbances.

We duplicate the original runoff test on the facility floor to demonstrate the agreed-upon system capabilities and rates.

Motion Controls Robotics sticks with you to make sure you are comfortable operating the robot system. MCRI offers training to the operators getting them ready to deal with changeovers, the teach pendant or HMI screen, and typical issues that arise – all decreasing startup downtime.

Support – MCRI Value

Motion Controls Robotics is an Exclusive FANUC Level 4 Certified Servicing Integrator. We chose to partner with FANUC Robots, a global leader in automation and innovation, to provide the most reliable, fastest, and highest capacity robots on the market to our customers.

This means once the system is installed, we have a 24/7 customer service line for troubleshooting issues and scheduling maintenance.

Being a FANUC Level 4 Certified Servicing Integrator allows us to offer you:

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