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CASE2CUBE Palletizer

CASE2CUBE Palletizer

Provides the reliability and flexibility of a robot within the footprint of a traditional palletizer

Single Line Palletizer

The Motion Controls Robotics Case2Cube System is designed around a best in class, high speed Fanuc M410iB/140H robot. When equipped with the standard end of arm tool, it can handle cases in excess of 35 lbs. at rates up to 32 cases per minute.  The Case2Cube is pre-engineered to keep cost and lead times down.  Additionally, its compact size takes up the same or less space than a traditional palletizer.

Palletizing – Base System:
•  Fanuc M410iB/140H
•  End of arm tool (EOAT)
•  Vacuum zone for picking up cases
•  Pallet picking jaws
•  Infeed conveyor
•  Pallet build station
•  Exit conveyor
•  Pallet rack
•  7.5” color touchscreen
•  Safety enclosure

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