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Robotics for Food Co-Packers

10 ways to plan for the future through integrating robotics using MCRI:

  1. Flexibility for having a variety of carton counts for filling/running multiple types of packages
  2. MCRI can provides training for your internal operators to make sure everyone is ready to run your system.
  3. Collaborative robot options are available
  4. Small, versatile single or double line palletizers
  5. Absorb stoppages through robot system design
  6. Vision guided systems for product placement meaning less product picking – improving efficiency and quality
  7. Robot systems offer a better reach than simple automation
  8. Our robot system calculator helps you gauge the cost of your system.
  9. Dual Check Safety, machine vision innovations, and efficient layout design to decrease square footage needed for the overall robot system.
  10. MCRI has 22 years experience working with a variety of food companies each posing complicated processes and hundreds of SKUs.

Robots are Hot in Food & Beverage

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