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SmartCart Brochure

In the 1990’s, the Jervis B. Webb SmartCart® Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) set the standard for magnetically guided automatic vehicle solutions, or Automatic Guided Carts.  The SmartCart AGC has been the leader in that market segment with thousands of units sold. smartcart-advantagesThis new brochure from Daifuku Webb, as the company is known since being acquired by Daifuku, provides an overview of the product line including Model 100, 300 and custom AGC models.  It also describes CE certification option to show the product has met all European requirements, and CSA Inspection option for use in Canada.

Download the new SmartCart Brochure

Various uses for AGCs can be found in the brochure, along with user testimonials.  Latest software tools to make the SmartCart AGC easy to set up and maintain and make it even more operator friendly are described in the brochure – including SmartSteerTM guidance technology which allows an AGC to travel in a controlled manner away from the guide tape.  CartTools® and the SmartCart System Automation Manager (SAM®) upper level PC software for real time multiple vehicle blocking control and system monitoring are also presented.
Contact Motion Controls Robotics using our Request SmartCart Demo form, your Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart product line to learn more about how one of these systems can improve your material handling and assembly processes and drive cost savings to your bottom line.

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