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Get on the Floor with MCRI's

Curious about what robot integrators do in their facility? Our Get on the Floor videos highlight how our great teams help to elevate MCRI to the next tier!

Fabrication Team

Our fabrication team builds robot system structures and fixtures.

As a turnkey robotic integrator, Motion Controls Robotics fabricates a variety of fixtures and equipment for a variety of robot systems and applications. These projects range from pallet dispensers to product presentation stands and fixtures.

We have expert welders – some with over 20 years of experience – following specific design guidelines for each customer’s system. These custom-designed fixtures match our customer’s process and product needs. Once designed and built we can match any RAL paint color designated using our paint booth.

The MCRI fabrication team enjoys coming to work each week because there is a new project to start and it never gets boring. This group helps make our systems look and perform at the highest level – Elevating Motion Controls Robotics to the Next Tier.

Electrical Engineering Team

Our electrical engineering team builds robot systems from paper to precision performance

MCRI’s EE are always tackling new technologies to keep our systems’ quality and safety in the highest tier.

When you work as an electrical engineer for a robotics company, there is a lot of time spent keeping up with technologies. Robot cell options are changing at a rapid rate. It is a job where you are always on the go and learning new things. There are days spent building drawings on CAD and then days bringing those ideas to reality on the floor in a new robot system.

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