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Automated Material Handling

Automating material handling of large final products, large parts through an assembly process and the transferring, feeding or removing of parts or tools from machines will:

  • improve material delivery reliability along with your bottom line
  • increase safety of the plant environment and decrease repetitive task and lifting injuries
  • reduce your costs
  • free up valuable labor for more fulfilling work


Automated material handling improves the efficiency of your total system and can improve the overall quality of your product. Motion Controls Robotics works with a variety of suppliers to develop a complete automated system including conveying options.

Large Final Products

Motion Controls Robotics has developed several systems for handling large boards for the building materials industry. We are one of the few system integrators that can use previous knowledge and process design to quickly improve current processes.

Large Parts through Assembly

Being an authorized SmartCart reseller, MCRI keeps up to date with improvements and value add products for automating transfer of large parts through assembly or delivery of parts to stations for final assembly. These SmartCart track systems bring flexibility, reliability and consistency to the manufacturing process.

Machine Tending

Automating general machine tending operations improves competitiveness. Motion Controls Robotics has developed and installed robotic machine tending systems in a wide variety of automated material handling applications. Parts may be fed to the machine(s) by flat top conveyor, lugged conveyor, in totes or in bins, or placed onto simple gravity feed conveyor. These systems work without any team member involvement through a night shift, or over the weekend.

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