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Robotic Assembly

Motion Controls Robotics can develop high speed robotic assembly cells using vision to locate all parts and subassemblies, descramble and determine a pick orientation for proper assembly. A high speed robotic assembly system provides a variety of benefits including reduced labor, ergonomic issues and scrap, as well as increased quality and throughput. A robotic assembly cell using vision is more flexible and cost effective than a fixed hard automation solution. The flexibility of a robotic system can accommodate process variation for hot or cold plastic parts. A six axis robot equipped with a force sensor can insert subassemblies and handle more difficult assemblies such as clutch plate assemblies.

Assembly Options

Assembly Benefits


  • Built-in operator pendant with stored recipes
  • Menu selection for pattern
  • Process adjustments on-the-fly
  • Stores recipes and allows for easy retrieval

Increased Quality

  • Reduces handling damage and scrap
  • Improves product consistency and accuracy
  • Vision to inspect product before and after assembly
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