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Stretch Wrapper Smarts

MCRI utilizes stretch wrappers as part of our overall end of line automation solution. Once the robot has stacked the product or unit load, whether standalone, on a slip sheet or on a pallet, it is sent to the stretch wrapper for containment before being moved via forklift or AGV to the warehouse or loading dock. Part of the total end of line process can also include labeling options to automatically print and place dynamic labels on the wrapped load and on multiple sides of the load.

Did you know?

A typical stretch wrapper will consume more than 10 times its original cost in consumable material over the life of the stretch wrapper.Stretch Wrapper

So, what is more important, the stretch wrapper’s original cost or how effectively it consumes stretch wrap film?

Why not both. That is why we carefully analyze different stretch wrapper companies and their designs for our robotic automation projects:

We look at three main areas to make sure to select the best stretch wrapper:

  • the mechanical design of their equipment and if it fits with the end of line automation design
  • the up-front cost and aftermarket support
  • the company’s customer service and support personnel

Stretch Wrapper Savings

As an example, one customer had a palletizing operation that was using 4 rolls of film per day.  By selecting a new stretch wrapper for the company, they reported being able to reduce their film usage by 50%.  As a result, they are now saving about $13-15K per year in film.

MCRI has been selecting the best-in-class stretch wrapper for a variety of companies’ end of line automation. These are the two main suppliers we use to integrate the best stretch wrapper. We based our decision on their past performance in automation projects and the end customer’s response to the stretch wrapper’s quality over time:

Lantech –  Lantech is an equipment supplier out of Lexington, KY. They offer great cooperation with any questions, issues, or replacement parts.  Lantech provides lots of info and good price options.

This link answers most questions about what you need in a Lantech Stretch Wrapper!

Wulftec – Wulftec is an equipment supplier out of Canada. We find that this company makes their controls and safety a number one priority. They also will provide custom solutions if needed. Here is a link to find out more about Wulftec Stretch Wrappers

All of the wrappers we offer customers are automatics and generally use swingarm and turntable styles.

If you have another stretch wrapper company you have purchased from in the past and need consistent equipment, we will work with that company to find you a solution.

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