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Robotic ErgoPakPal

Packing and Palletizing

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The robotic ErgoPakPal is a collaboration between Motion Controls Robotics and Combi Packaging Systems. The system combines the end of line solutions Combi Packaging Systems is known for and the design and development of robot cells Motion Controls Robotics has been building since 1995.The ErgoPakPal is a complete robotic system flexible enough to work with a variety of product types, weights, and sizes.

Case Packing and Palletizing End-of-Line Packing Solution


Robotic ErgoPakPal – Case Packing and Palletizing System

The ErgoPakPal is a complete robotic system flexible enough to work with a variety of product types, weights, and sizes. The system includes complete design/detail, fabrication, assembly, robot, software, and electrical. We setup the system at our site for runoff approval and then bring to your site for testing and startup.

The ErgoPakPal utilizes the following stations offering a variety of capabilities

  • Automatic Case Erector
  • Product Accumulation
  • Case Packing Station
  • Product Infeed Conveyor
  • Case Sealer (adhesive tape or hot melt glue)
  • Case Transfer Conveyor
  • Case Palletizing Station
  • FANUC M70iC, R1000iC or R2000iC series robots

The Robotic ErgoPakPal includes:

  • 6 axis FANUC robot selected for the application- FANUC M710iC robot
  • The high speed and compact FANUC R1000 or larger R2000 robot can also be used in jobs where higher weight and/or longer reach are required.
  • Fixed robot base anchored to the floor
  • Custom, flexible end of arm tool for dual purpose case packing and palletizing
  • Integrated FANUC iRVision system/2D Tracking software (optional per application)
  • System wiring and controls
  • Operator pendant or optional HMI display for recipe management
  • Perimeter guarding with safety interlocks on doors
  • Programming for Robot, PLC/PMC, HMI and Vision
  • On-site Training and Support
  • Compliance with all applicable RIA specified safety standards
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering including layout of cell system, design, and detail

Additional information


FANUC M710iC or FANUC R1000R2000

Robot Vision

Advances in vision sensor technology and FANUC’s iR Vision allow for inexpensive 100% quality testing, higher pick rates, picking from a moving conveyor belt, identification of part orientation and many other beneficial functions

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