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Robotic Case Packing

Case Erecting & Sealing | Flexible & Precise Packing | Reduce Costs

See more of our robotic case packing systems in action.

Motion Controls Robotics develops robotic case packing systems that allow product to be automatically packed into pre-erected, lined or unlined corrugated cases. Products are fed into the system via flat top conveyor. Erected cases are placed on the case conveyor and are automatically registered for packing. The robotic container case packing system is flexible, precise, programmable and portable.

What type of item are you case packing?

Case Packing Robot Options

Click on the robot to learn more M3iA Case Packing Robot M20 Case Packing Robot LRMate Case Packing M710 Case Packing Robot

Robotic Case Packing represents the height of precision and efficiency. Products are packaged with the utmost care and speed. By adopting this innovative solution, facilities can significantly:

  • reduce labor costs.
  • minimize packaging errors.
  • increase production throughput.

Making Robotic Case Packing an indispensable tool in today’s fast-paced, competitive market

Robotic Case Packing Benefits

Easy To Use


  • No need for direct teaching of points
  • Built-in operator pendant with stored recipes
  • Menu selection for patterns/pack outs
  • Adjustable pick and place positions, on-the-fly
  • Offline programming via easy-to-use text file
  • 200+ part recipes keeps data such as part description, pick/place locations and stack patterns


  • Case in-feed conveyor can be attached to automated box erector
  • Completed cases can be conveyed to automated case sealers for taping


  • Case Packer is typically equipped with fork pockets or casters so it can be easily moved to any packaging line
  • Interchangeable tooling between Case Packers
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