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2017’s Top Ten Robotic Applications

Last year we based our annual countdown on the most popular robot topics we covered in our Tech Talk Articles. These topics included all aspects of robot integration. This year we are focusing our 2017’s Top Ten Robotic Applications on the robot applications we saw as the most in demand. The countdown is based on

  • Popularity of Tech Talk Articles about robot integration projects and applications
  • Our YouTube Video views showing cells we have developed
  • Customer requests for robot system process updates
  1. Warehousing/Fulfillment

    This industry will continue to grow as technology increases. This growth is also tied to the many home delivery offers from companies.

  1. Robotic Labeling

    Labeling appears on our robotic application list for the first time. Using robots to place labels on products keeps the process consistent as well as integrating barcode readers can be a way of tracking product through the system.

  1. Assembly

    Quality control is a big driver of increasing requests for robotic assembly.

  1. Board Handling

    MCRI is the leading integrator in board handling. We continue to see lots of interest from the building and construction industry in adding this robotic application. Many companies can easily see how current systems can be implemented to fit their process.

  1. Roll Handling

    The Converting Industry has the largest need for robotic roll handling. FANUC’s robots increasing their payload has drawn a lot of interest from the converting industry to find more flexibility for moving rolls of paper, film, and foils.

  1. Material Handling

    Robotic material handling is a broad topic, but in this case, it is any robot application that can’t be as easily classified. MCRI’s experience in robotics helps us to face these challenges and design great systems.

  1. SmartCarts

    AGV/ AGCs also continue to expand their uses through the increase of technology. They are a safe way to move product from one area of the facility to another. SmartCarts also offer the benefit of tracking this movement more efficiently.

  1. Load/Unload

    2017 robotic applications
    This robotic application takes a big leap in 2017 – part loading and unloading ranked 7th in popularity among application last year. The major jump is mostly contributed to companies knowing more about how robotics can be a huge benefit in processes where employees may face safety or ergonomic concerns from repetitive motion.

  1. Case Packing

    The Food and Beverage industry has been increasing their usage of robotic applications. Here we are seeing a variety of food products being case packed. The rates available for this process are constantly increasing.

  1. Palletizing

    2017 robotic applications robotic palletizing
    Palletizing continues to be a top robotic application among companies. MCRI has been designing and building robotic palletizing systems for over 20 years. Over the years, technology developed exponentially to offer systems optimized for rate and efficiency.

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If you want to pursue more information in regards to adding a (another) robotic application into your facility, contact MCRI with our Contact Form. We hope you have a great holiday and that 2018 continues to see a growth in manufacturing in the the US.

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