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Robotic Material Handling Videos

Material handling is what robots do – these videos show a variety of other material handling applications.

Moving Rolls

This SmartCart is used for moving heavy rolls throughout the plant using a magnetic tape guided, counterbalanced fork truck to move rolls.

Multi-Line Palletizing

FANUC M410 robots used in a large end of line unitizing system utilizing AGV’s. EOATs designed using Bluetooth communication.

AGV for Assembly

SmartCart used to move large, heavy parts to different locations for assembly process.

Product Assembly

Vision guided clip insertion and inspection

CNC Machine Tending

CNC machine load/unload of high speed Kitako dual spindle machine using FANUC LR Mate robot.

CNC Machine Tending

machine tending

CNC tending using a set of drawers for raw and finished parts

Assembly of Gas Cans

robotic assembly

Vision guided assembly of gas cans

Sorting Screws

High speed automation of arranging screws for packing.

Blister Pack Loading

High volume continuous operation blister pack loading

Robotic Board Handling

Polyiso board stacking cell

Pallet Dispenser

A pallet dispenser allows operators to reload pallets without holding up robot operations. The pallet dispenser has high reliability and uptime and increases throughput.


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