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Automation for Plastics and Containers

The plastics & container industry is very dynamic with line changeovers every time product orders are filled (can be dozens a day) and accommodating end consumer needs for varying sizes in product selection.

This may seem like a complication when deciding to add robotics to your facility, but it is actually the perfect reason to look into automating bottle case packing, sorting, and palletizing. Robotics adds a high amount of reliability, flexibility, and even mobility to these applications.

Eliminating the manual process of picking and packing bottles

  • improves worker safety by decreasing repetitive motion injuries.
  • reduces cost by simplifying the process and changeovers.
  • allows for the ability to better plan for product accumulation.
  • increases quality -more consistent controls over packing of bottles.
  • improves throughput and line speeds
  • adds consistency to packing certain varieties of products.
  • brings straightforward programming of new products.
Transporting Bottles
Remove bottles from blow molding machines
Plastics Industry

Customer Testimonial

From a competitive standpoint, using this robotic system has improved our technological image. It also has improved safety and ergonomics.

~Plant Manager for a Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Plastics and Containers Case Study


Plastics manufacturer improves safety and ergonomics while increasing productivity with the Motion Controls Robotics “Robotic SUBTA”

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