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ImpactIQ Industrial Software Suite

Bridge the gap between the front office and the plant floor with the ImpactIQ Industrial Software Modules.

ImpactIQTM Core connects to PLCs, Robots, and industrial devices to act as a gateway for collecting process data and exchanging data between the front office and the production floor.

The ImpactIQTM Software Suite consists of six (6) modules. Modules can be purchased ala carte to meet individual project requirements. The ImpactIQTM Modules can be viewed on any PC, Tablet, or Mobile phone.

ImpactIQ Industrial Software


View a dashboard of live and historical production statistics using a library of dashboard widgets. Generate production and maintenance reports from data gathered by ImpactIQTM modules or external sources.

Learn more about Dashboarding and watch a demo >>

Alarm and Event Logging

Alarm & Event Logging

Keep a record of every fault and event that occurs. Easily discover reoccurring events and alarms by generating reports and viewing trend data through the ImpactIQTM user interface.

ImpactIQ Industrial Software


Integrate front office applications, databases and popular WMS/ERP/OMS systems with ImpactIQTM modules to exchange data such as recipes, SKUs, and order tracking information.

Recipe Management

Recipe & Order Management

Schedule Batches, Runs, Orders, and store and edit thousands of recipes/SKUS from ImpactIQTM user unterface.

Tracking and Traceability

Tracking & Traceability

Track products though their entirety in an automation system. Integrate equipment such as scales, dimensioners, and inspection equipment, to attach custom tracking data

ImpactIQ Industrial Software


Print labels of any complexity to Zebra, Sato, Datamax, and many other print engines.

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