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Robotic Order Fulfillment

Beverage Distribution Facility, Robotic Order Fullfilment – Simulation

Robotic distribution and fulfillment systems are predicted to increase in popularity in the next 4-5 years. This means that food, beverage, and consumer goods distributors as well as other storage warehouses would find it beneficial to explore using robotics to stay competitive.

A Robotic Order Fulfillment System Delivers:

  • easier to scale capacity up and down for high and low demand times
  • increase process reliability and decrease required floor space
  • increase employee safety by removing dangers of repetitive motion and lifting injuries
  • speed up operations, maximize order fulfillment efficiency
  • eliminate human error increasing accuracy
  • improved accuracy in product selection
  • fewer customer returns and refunds due to picking errors
  • flexibility to change orders on the fly
  • better shipped load integrity and happier customers
  • centralized data entry and integration with ERP system
  • less damage in packaging – better quality retail-ready pallets
  • improved customer order fulfillment accuracy and satisfaction
  • improved bottom line of your distribution facility
robotic order fulfillment
Improvements and innovations in robotic automation solutions such as an increasing number of robot model variations, 2D & 3D vision for robot guidance and product inspection, and parametrically driven control software have given rise to flexible, cost effective, high Return on Investment automation in the distribution work space.
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