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SmartCart AGC 100TT

The SmartCart® AGC Model 100 Tunnel/Tugger (TT)

Motion Controls Robotics is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Daifuku Webb’s SmartCart. The SmartCart Model 100TT’s small footprint allows for towing racks and trailers from underneath.


  • Max Towing Capacity: 1,950 Lbs
  • SmartCart Weight: 360 lbs (165 kg)
  • Dimensions: W: 19.25” (490 mm) L: 58” (1595 mm) H: 10.8” (275 mm)

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smartcart2Features of the SmartCart AGC 100TT:

The SmartCart 100TT is the best selling AGC and many customers start seeing ROI in less than three months of purchase.

Safety scanners installed on the AGC detect people and objects.

Paths and stops for the AGC are designed and programmed using CartTools® software. Then RFID transponders and magnetic tape are used to develop paths and stops along the manufacturing process for the AGC.

The Smartcart AGC 100TT’s charge last 6-16hrs and charging stations along the path allow for 24/7 hands-off operation.

The SmartCart Model 100TT is constructed from steel and powder coated for durability.

Optional System Automation Manager (SAM)

*SmartCart is a registered trademark of the Jervis B. Webb Company.


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System Automation Manager
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