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Automatic Guided Vehicle Tracking Accuracy

Simple Method to Measure Automatic Guided Cart or Automatic Guided Vehicle Tracking Accuracy

Motion Controls Robotics has a customer who recently came up with a clever means to measure AGV guidance accuracy. The customer is working on a method to easily calibrate and set up pick and drop stations in their SmartCart AGC system.

The video below shows the front steering sensor on a SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart (AGC). Two vertical lines have been marked with masking tape to show the expected limit of the guidance error allowed, +/- 1/2″.

The beginning of the video shows the AGC completing a “SmartSteer” pivot turn, then the AGV begins travel in reverse direction towards pickup station. A laser line was set up directly down the middle of the AGC guide tape.

*Note: laser lines are relatively inexpensive and can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Skil makes a self-leveling unit with 25′ range and its own mounting clamp. Other units with 100’+ distance capability are available.

The laser line lights up the guidance sensor very nicely, and it is very easy to determine how accurately the AGC is tracking the guidepath. The concept could easily be applied to other areas of the automatic guided vehicle, for example, the load deck or lifting forks, or some part of the AGV or AGC frame if that measurement or alignment is important.

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