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Palletizing Videos

Videos show a variety of palletizing applications where palletizing is automated as a stand alone system or integrated with other automation processes.

Dual M-Stack Palletizer

Dual M-Stack

Two pallet locations separated by a safety door for continuous palletizing. Dual M-Stack Palletizer

Cold Case Palletizing

Two palletizers fit into the space of a single line, single robot palletizer doubling throughput.

Milk & Juice Jug Palletizing

jug palletizing

A very small footprint robotic cell designed to palletize filled plastic jugs.

Layer Build & Palletize

Layer building is sorting, organizing, and maximizing the space available on a pallet to place cases.

Flexible Robotic Palletizer

Demonstrating the flexibility robotic palletizing offers compared to traditional hard automation. Our customer has maximized their value with this Multi-Product, Multi-Line Robotic Palletizer.

Case & Drum Palletizing

An end of line solution that palletizes both drums and cases at the same time in the same robot cell.

Central Palletizing

Motion Controls Robotics designs central palletizing solutions to improve your operational efficiency and allow you to redeploy valuable labor.

Bag Palletizing

Bag palletizing system that palletizes three different bag weights; 50, 88 and 100 pounds. Using the MCRI dual bag gripper, the system has the ability to handle a total weight of 100, 176 and 200 pounds.

End-of-Line Palletizing

End-of-line palletizing cells are extremely popular – these small, affordable palletizing cells can save you time and money. Additional add-ons make the process even better.

Fully Automated System

Motion Controls Robotics designed and integrated a fully automated layer building, palletizing, and pallet removal system for a dairy product manufacturer.

Pun-ctilious Palletizing

Compilation video of the different type of palletizing applications available.

Single Line Palletizer

Single-line palletizers are the preferred end-of-line solution for larger volumes of varied products.  This robotic cell is designed to be compact. It is also easy to expand the footprint to include another infeed line.

Full Layer Palletizing

Full layer palletizing using different types of end effectors. Shown are vacuum cups, magnetic, and air flow grippers used to palletize full layers of product.

Multi-line Sort/Palletize

Products are sorted and palletized on designated pallets as the move up and down rails on multiple lines. Robots used a Phoenix Contacts’ Bluetooth wireless solution to communicate as they moved down the rails.

Sorting and Palletizing

This system has 2 FANUC M410 full layer palletizing robots each servicing three layer build tables each. FANUC iRVision system locates cases as they enter the palletizing area. A camera based bar code reader identifies the SKU of the incoming cases and sorts to correct location.

Case Erecting/Palletizing

case erector

FANUC M710 case erector robot erects and places cases on products as they pass in-line heading towards a FANUC M410 robot which palletizes the products and sends full pallets off to be strech wrapped.

Bag Palletizing 2

Low rate bag palletizing system with pallet, tier sheet and multiple size bags.

3 Line Palletizing


Three line palletizing system with pallet and tier sheet handling.

Palletizing System

Palletizing system utilizing clamp type end of arm tooling and case upender.

Container Palletizing

Container Palletizing

Container palletizing system with pallet, tier sheet and top frame handling.

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