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Robotic SUBTA

In-line automated solution for handling PET bottles

The success of our system is due to the tooling of our SUBTA systems being interchangeable. Our customers find this convenience a big selling point for our Robotic SUBTA. The system also provides the operator quick recovery time if errors are made which saves time and allows manufactures to keep their companies competitive.

Video of SUBTA used in-line to pick and place bottles

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robotic plastic bottle handling equipment

SUBTA Standard System Features

  • Standard RIA safety compliance
  • Operator pendant for adjustments and error reporting
  • More than 10 screens of operational data, settings and status
  • Electronically guarded service doors to provide easy access for
    adjustments and troubleshooting
  • The tooling provided allows for angled and/or tapered bottles to be used within the system
  • Quick recovery from emergency stops
  • Durable welded tubular construction with low- maintenance state-of-the-art components

SUBTA is the answer for in-line robotic plastic bottle handling equipment.

Additional information


FANUC M-10iA Robot

End of Arm Tooling

Single or double row models available Custom end of arm tools for unique bottles available


240V or 480V


Controls for conveyors and vacuum blowers

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