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Pallet Jack AGV


M8K-PJ-The Pallet Jack AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is designed for the purpose of moving palletized loads within a facility. They offer efficiency in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Key Features of the Pallet Jack AGV:

  1. Pallet Handling: The Pallet Jack AGV (M8K-PJ) is specifically designed to handle pallets. They are equipped with forks or platforms that can be inserted under pallets to lift and transport them.
  2. Efficient:The M8K-PJ is battery powered and charges automatically, yielding up to 24/7 fully automatic operation.
  3. Autonomous or Manual Operation:The Pallet Jack AGV can operate autonomously or be manually driven. They follow predefined paths or use sensors and navigation technology to move within a facility.
  4. Variety of Load Capacities: This Pallet Jack AGV (M8K-PJ) has a payload maximum of 8K pounds and can handle varying sizes of pallets. This versatility allows the AGV to be used in a wide range of industries and applications.
  5. Efficient Maneuverability: These are designed for efficient maneuvering within tight spaces, making them suitable for warehouses with narrow aisles and storage areas.
  6. Safety Features: The Pallet Jack AGV (M8K-PJ) is equipped with advanced safety features, including 6 safety sensors for obstacle detection and collision avoidance. These features ensure the safety of both the AGV and any personnel or equipment in its vicinity.
  7. Integration Integrates with Plant Control Systems via Wi-fi communications and System Automation Manager™ (SAM) software providing traffic control. They can be integrated with a facility’s WMS to optimize material flow, track inventory, and coordinate with other automated systems.

Automated Fork Truck Applications:

  • Warehousing and Distribution: They are commonly used for tasks such as loading and unloading trucks, moving pallets to and from storage areas, and replenishing picking stations.
  • Manufacturing: Pallet Jack AGVs are utilized in production facilities for transporting materials between different stages of the manufacturing process.
  • Retail and E-commerce: In retail and e-commerce fulfillment centers, they play a vital role in efficiently moving goods to packing stations and shipping areas.
  • Cold Storage Facilities: They are well-suited for use in cold storage environments, where manual labor can be challenging due to extreme temperatures.

By automating the movement of palletized loads, Pallet Jack AGVs contribute to increased operational efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved safety, and enhanced overall productivity in material handling operations.

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