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Best Practices for Robot Integrators

Motion Controls Robotics recently participated in a panel through a Robotic Industries Association (RIA) webinar entitled Best Practices for Robot Integrators. RIA is a trade group that serves the robotics industry and provides certifications, safety guidelines, and trainings to integrators to maintain high standards.

The focus of this webinar was to help manufacturers realize the benefit of using a certified robotic service integrator to help implement their new automation programs. Implementing automation systems can best be accomplished through certified service integrators that specialize in keeping up to date on innovation, technology, and have experience dealing with challenges that manufactures will face. The panel explored questions that are relative to the industry today such as: 

  1. What are the biggest risks that robot integrators face today?
  2. What trends and requests are you seeing?
  3. What do North American integrators do really well?
  4. What are some of the obstacles for success in automation?
  5. What are the newest technology trends? 

robot integrators

The one theme that was found in the panelist’s answers is that automation technologies and the need in the manufacturing environment evolve almost daily, so keeping employees trained and ready to deal with or implement changes is the key to success. Motion Controls Robotics successfully manages this through a train the trainer program that is not only implemented internally, but shared with customers.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of robot integrators, watch or listen to the webinar through the RIA website: Best Practices for Robot Integrators.

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