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Motion Controls Robotics Hosts REACH Students

Motion Controls Robotics participates in local REACH program to help students learn more about career and education choices.

The REACH program is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County and is headed up by Director, Jim Miranda. About 600 students each year get a chance to learn from local business partners about selecting a career and education that is right for them.

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc (MCRI) is a leading provider of automation solutions to manufacturing industries. On Friday, May 8th MCRI proudly hosted a group of fifth grade students for a day of learning about engineering and robotics.


Fifth Grade students from Stamm Elementary School got a chance to visit Motion Controls Robotics after participating with them in the yearlong REACH program. MCRI employees Tim Ellenberger, Yvette Howey and Janet Stayancho, made multiple visits throughout the year to Nichole Almroth’s 5th grade classroom presenting lessons on how to choose a career and education that matches their talents and interests. As a culmination to a year of learning about work ethic, career options, and education, the students got to see their instructors in their work environment.

The 5th grade tour started on the shop floor where they saw a robotic welding cell.  A CNC milled an aluminum medallion for each of the students. The class moved on to a tour of the recently completed building addition at MCRI and then visited the Engineering area. Mechanical and Electrical engineers showed the students CAD drawings and let them have a little design time as well.


This is always a highlight of the visit,” says Yvette Howey, Accounting Manager at Motion Controls Robotics, “they love to get on the engineers’ computers and see how their changes affect the drawings.”

Motion Controls Robotics has participated in the REACH program for 5 years, and will gladly continue to teach and host students to prepare them for the “world of work”.

Reach Students

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