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MCRI’s M-Tablet Portable HMI

Portable HMI to Improve Operator Mobility and Database Interactivity


GPS location on the M-TABLET for bringing up on the HMI the nearest line’s production screen


A way to quickly and easily show a visual representation of performance and production data in real-time.

Barcode Scanning

Database Interface -Palletizing/product setup and ERP interface with software (SAP, QAD) – Inventory backflushing of product


The M-Tablet offers the functionality of a PC with the added benefit of a portable HMI . The M-Tablet is perfect for large robot cells with numerous robots and lines. This type of setup is common in robotic unitizing or distribution systems.


The M-Tablet portable HMI interacts with the robot system’s information. A portable HMI improves the mobility of operators-increasing efficiency and output.

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Additional information

Barcode Scanning

The integrated barcode scanner quickly reads barcodes in a variety of lighting conditions making it easy to scan boxes on the conveyor.

Magstripe reader

Adding a Magstripe reader to your M-Tablet, operators can swipe their badge to login to the system. This login makes the system more secure.


Used like barcode scanning for systems using this type of coding.

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