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Robotic Case Palletizing

Increase Quality | Add Product Tracking | Variety of Pallet Patterns

Motion Controls Robotics develops easy-to-use robotic case palletizing systems that decrease costs with reductions in labor, ergonomic injuries and floor space. From simple systems to more complex, we can handle it for you. Motion Controls can develop a system that will be highly reliable, flexible to handle various configurations and able to handle process adjustments on the fly. With our years of experience, we can increase your throughput while reducing costs.

Small, Modular Case Palletizers

What palletizer do you need?

Centralized Palletizing

Robotic Case Palletizing Automation Options

Robotic Case Palletizing Benefits

Flexible and precise

  • Handles various stack patterns
  • PalletPRO™ software allows easy creation of new patterns as well as modifications to existing patterns
  • Quick changeover using adjustable tooling and stored recipes


  • Built-in color operator pendant with stored recipes
  • Recipe keeps part data such as product size and packing pattern, place locations and vacuum pattern
  • Menu selection for pattern changeover
  • On-the-fly process adjustments
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