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Depalletizing - Robot Systems

Depalletizing - Mixed Layer

Motion Controls Robotics provides robotic depalletizing systems for manufacturing and distribution facilities that perform depalletizing operations. Robotic depalletizing can be used for further processing or for order fulfillment. Motion Controls Robotics can use vision to find and locate haphazard material by adding a camera on the robot or above the load to determine where the cases are. In a system, three types of products can be depalletized to create a flavored pallet of different types of drinks or products. Depalletizing can also be used to load a machine or conveyor.

Features of Robotic Depalletizing

Depalletizing - Mixed Pallet

Depalletizing mixed pallets can be challenging but using Plus One Robotics PickOne Software solutions offers the best and fastest robotic mixed pallet depalletizing option available. Vision analyzes the mixed pallet and starts locating and picking cases, bags, or trays and places them on an outgoing conveyor (or another location).

This process of analyzing the pallet with vision and picking continues until the pallet is empty.

There are times that the product edges are harder to find. This issue is instantly sent via a Yonder call to an on or off-site operator that can outline and direct the robot without moving from their computer screen. Motion Controls Robotics can help you get this type of system setup for incoming pallets at your Warehouse.

Rates & Throughput

**Typical pick rates achieved: 350-650 cases per hour single pick and 700-1000 cases per hour multi-pick

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