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Handling Spices And Sauces for Packaging Automation

Motion Controls Robotics has a full variety of experience with automation needs for the spice & sauce industry. Our robotic packaging automation solutions provide the flexibility to meet your current & goal situations. Our systems meet throughput requirements from small specialized facilities to large facilities meeting the demands of fast-food chains where upwards of 8 sorting lines will be building mixed pallets. We design your system to any level of automation required – whether it is just starting small in one area or adding a total automation system from case erecting to picking to packing to palletizing as well as product tracking and labeling.

Woo-hoo A Robotic Spice & Sauce Handling Video

Robotic Packaging Automation Video

Robotic Packaging Automation Case Erectors

Packaging automationCase Erector

Add flexibility to your end of line packaging automation. With robotic case erectors, you select the number of case magazines you need to accommodate case sizes for your spice and sauce orders and the robot starts picking, erecting, bottom sealing, and placing the case to be packed.

MCRI can also add automated case erectors to systems with less case size variation.

Case Packers

Packaging automation

Add case packing to your end of line packaging automation. MCRI custom fabricates and builds both the end of arm tooling (EOAT) to pick your products and the picking station on the conveyor. The EOAT offers easily interchangeable tools for when products change.

The combination of FANUC robots and line tracking brings the option for high-speed picking.

Robotic Palletizers

Packaging automation

Single line, 2-line, and up to multi-line palletizers to match throughput. MCRI offers layer building and mixed layer pallet options.

Custom end of arm tooling (EOAT) is designed for full layer picking, row picking, and single case picking. MCRI palletizing cells are designed for the complexity your are looking to add to your system. Add a palletizer to your end of line packaging automation.

Packaging Automation- Product Types

Single-line palletizers can be used to pack & palletize a variety of product types:

  • cases
  • wrapped product
  • rolls
  • bags
  • plastic
  • cans
Packaging automation
Packaging automation
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