Robotic Bag Palletizing

Motion Controls Robotics has designed a variety of bag palletizing systems that are not only flexible but fast (high speed). The key to success in bag palletizing relies on two main ingredients: system design and a custom end effector. With the use of FANUC’s PalletPro software, we perform simulations to find the optimal stacking scenario. MCRI’s custom designed end effector is what allows for our high speed operation and quick product changeover. Using these combined efforts we have designed systems that reach 28 bags a minute.

We can meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a system that works fast, handles single or multiple product lines.


  • Multifunction end effectors that can handle pallet, bottom sheet, top sheet and top frame and no need to tool change
  • Bottom trays
  • Top trays
  • Pallets
  • Tool changers
  • Wireless dressout increases reliability


Easy to use

  • Intuitive operation with pattern teaching
  • Operator pendant for recipe adjustments and error reporting
  • Fixed and flexible end of arm tools with proven designs

Increased throughput

  • High reliability and uptime – 80,000+ hours mean time between failures
  • High cycle rates up to 28 robot cycles per minute for case and bag handling

Reduced costs

  • Labor savings
  • Automated machine reduces worker compensation costs
  • Reduced floor space requirements

Flexible and precise

  • Handles various stack patterns
  • PalletPRO™ software allows easy creation of new patterns as well as modifications to existing patterns
  • Quick changeover using adjustable tooling and stored recipes


  • Built-in color operator pendant with stored recipes
  • Recipe keeps part data such as product size and packing pattern, place locations and vacuum pattern
  • Menu selection for pattern changeover
  • On-the-fly process adjustments