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FANUC’s Robot Modes – T1, T2 or Auto

The External Mode Select From FANUC provides flexibility for auto/T1/T2 key switch. FANUC offers a nifty option to allow users and integrators to select the robot modes – T1, T2 or Automatic from something besides the normal robot controller mode select key switch. This option also allows the integrator to gang up the Auto/T1/T2 switch from multiple robots and select them from a single Safety PLC or switch.

external-mode-select-switchRobot controllers normally come with a two or three position key switch (Auto/T1/T2 modes) mounted directly on the control cabinet face to put the robot in; Automatic mode, Teach 1 (slow speed teach mode) or, if purchased, a faster Teach 2 (higher speed teach mode) speed. Sometimes, it may be more convenient for the customer/user to be able to put the entire robot cell in a teach mode from a single HMI. In robot cells with multiple robots, it may not be convenient for an operator or maintenance person to switch all robot controller key switches to a different position. Some customers insist on common keys, or customer supplied keys, for maintenance convenience and security.

The “External Mode Select” option in the FANUC R30iB robot controller allows the robot cell integrator to use Safe I/O SSO(6) and SSO (7) to toggle the selector switch instead of using the actual switch itself.

If the user is only looking to remote mount a single existing Auto/T1/T2 switch from the robot controller to another location, for example at the robot cell entry door, they would instead need to purchase a wiring extension and, if desired, a control box for the relocated key switch and a hole plug cover if desired for the original key switch location on the robot controller. Note: due to safety constraints two separate inputs cannot be used to select a robot’s operating mode. So, the External Mode Select option cannot be used in conjunction with the regular robot controller key switch.

Additional clarifications regarding this option from the FANUC manual guidelines:

This option can be included with your original robot purchase, or added to a robot controller at a later date.

For further information regarding this FANUC option and other robot operation enhancing options, contact your Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. Sales representative.

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