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Robots and their Ingress Protection Rating

Robots are being installed in a variety of environments. This requires that the robot be able to continue to function properly even when exposed to such environmental issues like high humidity, dust, or water (needed for production or even cleaning). So each FANUC robot has a standard Ingress Protection (IP) rating and options available for extra protection when needed.

An Ingress Protection rating is used to classify devices or equipment having the opportunity for exposure to potentially damaging elements such as water, dust, grease, or humidity. IP ratings are posted for items from electrical sockets to cell phones to, you guessed it, robots.

The IP rating used to classify a robot is made of 2 numbers. The first number signifies the protection rating against solids and the second is the level of protection from water.

The two charts below show that an IP67 rating means the robot is dust tight (6 from the solid chart) and is protected against effects of being immersed temporarily in water (7 from the water chart).


Solids Ingress Protection Rating (1st Digit)

solid ingress protection rating

Water Ingress Protection Rating (2nd Digit)

water ingress protection

ip-rated-areasFANUC robots are dived into three sections for IP ratings:

  • J3 arm & wrist
  • Main body drives
  • Main body

For example, the M710 robot has options for each of these three areas available based on the needs of the application. The food grade version, SE (Washer Option) and foundry model of the M710 are rated IP67 for solids and water in all three sections. For customers that do not need as much protection, there is also a standard model with a different rating for each of the three areas (shown in illustration to the left).

FANUC’s food grade robot option has special protection through the use of a white epoxy paint and uses food grade grease. With the IP67 rating, these robots can be washed daily to keep clean and sanitary.

The FoundryPRO package and food grade robots also offer:

  • Gaskets on motor and battery box to provide an airtight seal
  • Stainless steel used for non load bearing bolts
  • Water Proof EE Connector
  • Antirust flange
  • Clear coat added to non-painted surfaces

Below is a breakdown of the FANUC robot series and their Ingress Protection rating options

Robot Series

Standard & Optional IP Rating

M1 IP20
M3 IP67
M10 Body IP54 std (IP 55 optional wrist J3 arm IP67)
M20 Body IP54 std (IP 55 optional wrist J3 arm IP67)
M710 Body IP54 – wrist & J3 arm IP67 (Option: full body IP67)
R1000 Body IP54 – wrist & J3 arm IP67 (Option: movable parts IP66, main body IP56)
R2000 Body IP54 – wrist & J3 arm IP67 (Option: movable parts IP66, main body IP56)
M420 IP54
M410 IP54
M900 Body IP54 – wrist & J3 arm IP67 (Option: movable parts IP66, main body IP56)
M2000 Body IP54 – wrist & J3 arm IP67 (Option: movable parts IP66, main body IP56)

FANUC offers these IP options to optimize functionality and costs for its customers. With these options, the user only needs to pay for the level of protection required for their robot(s) in each specific application. Contact your Motion Controls Robotics, Inc Sales Engineer through our online request form to help you select the FANUC robot that is right for your project.

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