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How Often Do Robots Need Preventative Maintenance?

Optimum performance of your robot(s) can be maintained by performing periodic robot preventive maintenance procedures.  The following figures are based on up to 3,840 hours of operating time use per year (2 shifts of high use or three shifts of moderate use with moderate demands (a portion of the robot’s motions with full load, a portion with tool only).  Note that “operating time” is defined as robot in motion, not just “robot controller on”.

When using the robot beyond this operating time and duty cycle, the correct maintenance frequencies should be calculated in proportion to the difference between the actual operating time and the 3,840 hours/year.  While each Mechanical Unit requires different procedures, the following list outlines a basic schedule (for complete information, always refer to your robot’s “Mechanical Unit Maintenance Manual” and “Electrical Unit Maintenance Manual” for detailed maintenance descriptions). 

Failure to provide regular robot preventive maintenance can lead to issues including: position deviation, repeatability issues, cable damage, loss of programs, and possible safety issues.  If you notice any issues with robot please contact the Motion Controls Robotics’ Service Department at 419-334-5886 for immediate assistance.

Daily Checks:

  • Clean sensors and optics within the robot cell and visually check component parts for damage before daily operation
  • Check Mechanical Unit for grease/oil leakage or exudation

First 1-month (320 hours) Checks:

  • Ventilation of the robot controller’ cooling fans – keep these clean for efficient air flow

First 3-month (960 hours) Checks:

  • Check Mechanical Unit Cables – free from severe kinks, pinch points, cuts or tears in the wire insulation, check for secure terminations
  • Retighten external main mounting bolts
  • Clean chips and debris from Mechanical Unit
  • Check the end effector or end of arm tool and its’ mounting bolts or screws, tighten appropriately
  • Check robot connection cables (T.P. Cable, EE Cable, Vision Cables) – free from severe kinks, pinch points, cuts or tears in the wire insulation, check for secure terminations

1-year (3,840 hours) Checks:

  • Grease balancer housing (if so equipped)

1.5-year (5,760 hours) Checks:

  • Replace batteries in the mechanical unit (these are backup batteries to maintain the robot’s factory alignments – don’t let these batteries die or you may be in for some unpleasant work to re-zero your robot)

3-year (11,520 hours) Checks:

  • Replace the grease of each axis.  This is not an idle warning – use only the grease recommended by your robot’s manufacturer – the robot controls are sensitive and grease can affect robot motion and operation.

4-year (15,360 hours) Checks:

  • Replace the Mechanical Unit cables
  • Replace the lithium battery in the CPU

Preventative Maintenance Offer

What is involved in our preventive maintenance service – Read more


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If you would like help with robot preventive maintenance or service on your FANUC robots, as simple as a routine PM service interval or complete Level II tear down and rebuild of an older FANUC robot model, contact our Customer Service department at 419.334.5886 for a current rate sheet and to set up a visit by one of our Certified FANUC maintenance technicians.

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