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Machine Vision Cameras

The world of digital cameras has been evolving and improving at a record pace. There are machine vision cameras specifically designed for almost any vision process need from high speed operations to detailed part Increasingly popular are cameras for code reading and special line cameras for cylindrical objects or color sorting. Camera housing options are also expanding and capable of protecting cameras in demanding environments.

This variety of options makes it possible to select the camera that best suits your needs with respect to field of view, resolution, speed, and cost. When selecting a camera, be sure to identify the spectral response of the camera to verify sensitivity to the light wavelength of your lighting choice.


Black and White Standard Resolution (640 x 480)

InexpensiveLow resolution
Faster image acquisitionSmall Field of View
Easily inspect non-color sensitive parts




Black and White High Resolution (1360 x 1024 or higher)

Large Field of ViewMore Expensive
High resolution for inspection processesSlower image acquisition times

Color Camera

Can be used to distinguish color variations that may not be visible in the grayscale imageMost Expensive
Can locate parts that have a color difference but lack any distinguishable characteristicsMore difficult to configure
3 times more data than with grayscale imagesSlowest image acquisition times


Motion Controls Robotics uses Fanuc or Cognex Cameras  in our vision systems. Cognex supports a wide variety of cameras for almost any application. Over the next few weeks MCRI will continue to help you explore each category of Basic Machine Vision Hardware. Next week we will be discussing lenses. You will learn how selecting the proper lens for your camera can improve your vision application. If you would like to learn more about Basic Machine Vision Hardware,contact our sales group.

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