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MCRI Announces Recertification In RIA Certified Robot Integrator Program

MCRI is proud to announce their recertification of the RIA Certified Robot Integrator Program by the Robotic Industries Association!  

MCRI achieved their initial certification in April 2012 by completing a rigorous process which includes an on-site audit and testing of key personnel among other important criteria. The certification program was established to provide robot integrators with a way to benchmark against industry best practices and allows robot users to develop a baseline for evaluating robot integrators.  RIA currently has 19 Certified Robot Integrators and requires each of them to be recertified every two years.

“MCRI was the first integrator to receive RIA certification and we are thrilled they found significant value in the program and pursued recertification,” said Jeff Burnstein, President of RIA.  “We have found that certification provides qualified robotic automation integrators with a means to establish performance standards that help ensure profitability and long term success.”

“As a result of our RIA certification two years ago, we implemented a number of process improvements and performance metrics as we sought to honor our commitment to be the best possible Integration Partner for our customers,” said Scott Lang, President, Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. “We have developed key performance indicators (KPI) for every department in our organization along with corporate KPIs to ensure we are providing our customers with products and service that meets the highest possible standards. We value the RIA standards established for Certified Robot Technologists and we are pleased to announce that we had three employees awarded this designation during our recertification.  We are proud of our successful RIA recertification and the opportunity to be recognized among an elite group of certified robotic integrators.”


View the full article from RIA.  

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