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MCRI Personnel Attend In-House Robotic Training

robotic trainingA total of 10 personnel from Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. recently participated in a robotic training provided by a Terra Community College electrical and controls professor.  The training was 50% funded by an Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program.  In order to receive the robotic training voucher, MCRI was required to obtain a training outline from an approved institution (Terra Community College), designate employees who would participate in the training, and complete an application to the State of Ohio for consideration and subsequent approval. 

The State of Ohio approved our request earlier this year.  We then worked with Terra to get started on the approved training.  We have an Entry and Advanced Level curriculum that provides 24 hours of onsite, customized electrical and robotic Level 1 and Level 2 training (48 hours total).  While the first day was basically a refresher for most, the second session educated employees on some things they didn’t know. 
The employees are excited for the opportunity and recognize this as an investment in their skills by MCRI.  The robotic training will continued to be scheduled incrementally until all approved topics have been covered and the 48 allowed hours are exhausted.
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