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Bag Palletizing

Bag palletizing redefines your standards of operational efficiency and innovation.

Bag Palletizing
Bag Palletizing – Bags of Concrete

Robotic bag palletizing will drive your end of line with a variety of benefits that elevate productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance flexibility and precision in handling tasks.

Robotic Bag Palletizing is utilized  by Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods,  Medical, and Building and Construction industries to find more overall efficiency in both their manufacturing and distribution facilities.
Using robotics can:

  • Save your employees from repetitive heavy lifting
  • Improve product quality through inline checks and consistent handling
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with consistent 24/7 operation
  • Reduce the occurrence of unstable pallets through consistent stacking patterns
  • Open up more flexibility and scalability in your process with systems that can handle a variety of sizes and weights

*NEW* Robotic Bag Palletizing - Food

Pet Food Bag Palletizing

Bag Palletizing - Heavy Items

Bag Palletizing Features

Easy to use

  • Intuitive operation with pattern teaching
  • Operator pendant for recipe adjustments and error reporting
  • Fixed and flexible end of arm tools with proven designs

Increased throughput

  • High reliability and uptime – 80,000+ hours mean time between failures
  • High cycle rates up to 30 robot cycles per minute for case and bag handling

Reduced costs

  • Labor savings
  • Automated machine reduces worker compensation costs
  • Reduced floor space requirements

Flexible and precise

  • Handles various stack patterns
  • PalletPRO™ software allows easy creation of new patterns as well as modifications to existing patterns
  • Quick changeover using adjustable tooling and stored recipes


  • Built-in color operator pendant with stored recipes
  • Recipe keeps part data such as product size and packing pattern, place locations and vacuum pattern
  • Menu selection for pattern changeover
  • On-the-fly process adjustments
bag palletizing medical supplies
Bag Palletizing – Medical Industry
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