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Robotic Warehousing: New White Paper Available From Robotics Online

Looking to drive cost out of your warehouse operation?  Check out this article from Robotics Online, the e-news site for the Robotics Industries Association (RIA). The article covers the growing use of robotic warehousing, which, according to Paul Kellett, RIA Director – Market Analysis, is being fueled by

“…competitive market pressures for shorter cycle times and greater shipping accuracy.   Shorter cycle times are arising because retailers are asking for increasingly smaller and more frequent shipments.  Instead of asking for full pallets, they are asking for a few cases.  This necessitates more case and piece picking in the warehouse, the most labor intensive part of distribution.  As a result, most consumer goods manufacturing companies are feeling the pressure to better utilize their warehouse assets.”

You can link to a whitepaper as well, with full report from ATC.  Contact Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. at 419.334.5886 or [email protected] if you would like to learn how robotic automation can help you meet changing customer demands while positively impacting the bottom line of your order fulfillment, case filling, palletizing and warehousing operations.

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