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Robotics Training – Get Operators Ready

Motion Controls Robotics knows that one of the main concerns companies have when deciding to add robotics to their facility is whether their operators are ready for the robots and the general maintenance needs. To address these concerns, MCRI offers 24/7 Service and Support as well as a variety of operator trainings. MCRI trainings do not require previous robot experience and are perfect for familiarizing personnel with the robot and teach pendant.

Examples of Robotics Training and how they help operators:

robotics training

  • Programming and Operations training – Each person learns how to use the teach pendant to jog the robot as well as manipulate, create, and edit programs for the robot cell.
  • Mechanical Training – Includes tearing down and reassembly of a robot.
  • Preventative Maintenance – This popular training goes through robot maintenance and backing up the robot

For a full list of our trainings and costs, download the Motion Controls Robotics Training Manual.

robotics trainingMCRI Training Manual

Robot Instructors

If you are a customer of MCRI, you can be assured that the instructors for these trainings have worked to design and/or program your system. They are, therefore, familiar with your specific needs. But we also offer general trainings for companies that already have robotic systems and may need to gain more information or need refresher courses. All instructors for the trainings offered are FANUC trained and certified.

Robotics Training Curriculum

Motion Controls Robotics can work with you to schedule a training time. We can base the training out of our facility to eliminate the need for down-time in your production. We have a training room equipped with a dedicated robot for demonstration purposes. A majority of our robotics trainings are 3 days covering 8 hours per day.
While we have specific training material we recommend, we can be flexible in the curriculum and design a training to meet your exact needs. After the training, each attendee receives a signed certificate that can be submitted to gain CEUs. Motion Controls Robotics’ trainings allow up to 5 employees from your facility to attend each training for one price. Normally technical/robotic trainings are priced per person.

FANUC Robot Trainings

By setting up operator training at our facility, you will eliminate distractions and production interruptions.

FANUC America also has a variety of scheduled robotic training throughout the year. As a FANUC Level 4 Certified Servicing Integrator, we can sign-up your group to attend a FANUC training. FANUC trainings are dedicated to specific topics and a robot model can be requested for the training. For more information on FANUC trainings contact us.

Attending a robotics training will make both the managers and operators feel more comfortable with how to handle, maintain, and make needed production changes. Contact Motion Controls Robotics to learn more about how a training can benefit the operators or technicians working with your system.

** Trainings are designed around FANUC robots, so are not easily transferable to other types of robot manufacturers.

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