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Robots for Roofing Material Manufacturing

Motion Controls Robotics has developed a variety of robot systems for the roofing industry. Some applications that can be automated include:

  • Palletizing rolls of roofing material
  • Removing rolls from slitting operations
  • Stretch or heat shrink wrapping finished pallets
  • Palletizing bundles of shingles
  • Case packing rolls of roofing repair tape
  • Palletizing containers of roof sealant/coating

Example One: Rolled Roof Sheeting – Full Roll Palletizing

Robot – FANUC M410/140

    Watch video to see the process described below:

  1. In this palletizing cell a roll shaper spins the roll from a slightly flattened material back into a cylinder shape.
  2. Then the up-ender, using a vision process to orient the product labels, lifts so the rolls are in a vertical position.
  3. The robot uses a pair of inflatable mandrels on its end of arm tooling to pick the two rolls.
  4. The rolls are moved to one of three palletizing locations based on product type and placed vertically on the pallet.
  5. The conveyor moves the full pallets out of the cell with precision so no rolls tip.

Example Two: Rolled Roof Sheeting – Slit Roll Palletizing

Robot – 2 FANUC R2000

    Watch video to see the process described below:

  1. In this palletizing cell one robot moves a pallet from the empty pallet delivery conveyor and places it on the palletizing conveyor adding a tier sheet.
  2. The full slit roll mandrel turns into the robot cell, and the same robot slides the rolls off the mandrel onto the end of arm tool of the second robot.
  3. This robot then rotates the roll and either palletizes the roll or sets it on an outfeed conveyor to be processed in another area.
  4. This process is repeated until the pallet is full. The first robot adding a new tier sheet for each level, and the mandrel turning when empty.

Manufacturers of these products definitely need to use innovations and technologies to keep their manufacturing processes efficient. Using a FANUC robot system to automate processes means:

  • More quality
  • More employee safety
  • More productivity

Roofing material is something that everyone who, is building, or has a home needs. As Entertainment Promoter, Sol Hurok, once said,

“The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.”

If you are interested in learning more about these type of applications use our robot system request form.

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