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Virtual Sales Support From Better Packaging and QR Codes

Have you ever stood in front of a rack of similar products in a big box store?  Have you found yourself scratching your head, trying to make a decision as to which hard drive, TV, software package, blender, light bulb, door lock, or any other product is most appropriate for your needs?

Well hang on to your hat – virtual point of sale sales support is on its way.  Packaging companies like NuFletch Archery are adding sophisticated product information to the packaging itself (see Packaging World Case Study).  Other companies are adding QR codes to their products that, when scanned, take you to a website with video and other applicable information to help you better understand the features and benefits of what is inside the package.  Expanded information on food nutritional values, how products are made, performance and reliability data, and other vital product information are going to be instantly available on smart devices like your phone or tablet.
While packaging and QR codes have been somewhat slow to catch on, once its benefits are fully realized and marketing people figure out they can easily draw in their prospective customers by providing relevant, point of display information through easily accessed links, the QR code will eventually become as ubiquitous as the internet itself.

If you are considering a project that will significantly change your product packaging and are considering new packing or palletizing equipment to support your packaging change(s), contact Motion Controls Robotics at 419.334.5886 to learn more about what we can do for you with FANUC robots, SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts, unlimited ingenuity, and lots of hard work.

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