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What’s the Big Deal About Project Management?

Smooth project execution is a hallmark of a disciplined robotics integrator with well-defined processes including project management.

When seeking a robotic integrator, look for a company with excellent communication skills and tools to support its project management activities and project experience that matches the level of complexity and scope required for your project. 

At Motion Controls Robotics Inc. we use a network-based communication software tool for project management that connects every team member on a project.  This collaboration and communications tool has been specifically configured for our robotics automation projects.  It allows our project managers and engineers to assign and track tasks and gives them access to the status of each task and project milestone on a continuous basis from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.  Motion Controls Robotics’ senior management can also use this tool from the office and while on the road to access critical project information. 

In addition to our network-based collaboration tool, we hold a regular weekly resource planning meeting so we can predict and plan for peaks and valleys in resource demand. 

Excellent project management tools, processes and experience are required to be successful in developing repeatable integration of robotics with other forms of assembly and material handling automation into a manufacturing or end-of-line packaging operation. When you partner with Motion Controls Robotic, Inc. you are teaming with a company with extensive project management experience so you can be assured your project will be delivered on time and within your budget. 

Our excellent record for on-time delivery and prompt and thorough completion of project punch list items is testament to our commitment to thoughtful initial system design, complete factory testing before shipment, and continuous intra-company and inter-company communication through the life of each robotic palletizing, end-of-line packaging, and material handling project we deliver for our customers. 

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