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Working with Collaborative Robots

Cobots On Demand - Working with Collaborative Robots Watch our On-Demand Webcast explaining the variety of options in FANUC Collaborative Robots. This webcast focusses on using cobots to accomplish palletizing tasks. Learn about how to integrate a cobot into your…

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FANUC Compact Collaborative Robots

FANUC’s 3 Compact Collaborative robots add more options to FANUC's Collaborative line-up. Collaborative robots work alongside humans in a defined workspace. These compact collaborative robots combine FANUC's long-lasting reliability and safety features (certified TUV ISO 10218-1:2011) allowing the collaborative robot to work in a variety of applications.




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Floor / Upside Down / Wall / Mobile Cart
Speed - 500mm/sec working collaboratively - 1000mm/s when safety monitored working alone
CR-7iA 7 KG 717 mm CR-7iA.pdf
CR-7iA/L 7 KG 911 mm CR-7iAL.pdf
CR-4iA 4 KG 550 mm CR-4iA.pdf
CR-14iA/L 14 KG 911 mm cr14ial.pdf
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FANUC’s Collaborative Robots add Hand Guidance

In the robotic industry, collaborative robots are all the rage. Collaborative robots allow an operator and a robot to work side-by-side without safety fencing. To allow for this collaboration: robot speeds are limited a protective stop is added through power…

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Collaborative vs Fenceless Robots

Collaborative and fenceless robots are like the rectangle and square of the robotic field. All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. All collaborative robots are fenceless robots but not all fenceless robots are collaborative. * In our…

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Robots + Vision + Databases = Improved Fulfillment Processes

Improved Fulfillment Processes- Warehouses, Micro-Fulfillment Centers, Inbound Warehousing, Outbound Distribution, Grocery Fulfillment, Packaging Plants, and e-commerce Fulfillment centers are part of a growing demand for moving product from point of manufacturing to the end customer. Implementing robotics and automation in…

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Top 10 Robots, Applications, and Industries

Motion Controls Robotics' top 10 robots, applications, and industries for 2019. Each year it is interesting to go back and see what was trending in robotics. If you care to compare other years visit: 2016, 2017, and 2018. Each year…

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10 Most Popular Robots for Manufacturing Applications

Each year new robot shipments in North America are breaking records. In the first three months of 2018, 10,730 robots were added to North American facilities (Robotic Industries Association (RIA)). The percentage of robots sold to non-automotive industries is also…

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FANUC Adds SCARA Robots to the Small Robot Mix

As a robot integrator, one of the main reasons Motion Controls Robotics selected to become certified as a FANUC integrator is because of the company’s focus on customer needs.  FANUC started a model of developing, building and innovating robots based…

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