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A Guide to the LR Mate Series

The LR Mate series definitely has the most diverse selection of robot options.There is a full list of all the options available on the LR Mate Series Robot page. You can also visit FANUC’s LR Mate information section to learn about options for the LR Mates.The LR Mates can be floor mounted using a custom height stand, mounted upside-down for working in machine tending applications, and angle mounted as needed.

LR-Mate This series has robots that fit into a variety of categories:

  • Collaborative Robot Models
  • Food Grade Robot Models
  • Waterproof Robot Models
  • Regular Yellow Mates

The Mate Controller

One of the big differences in the LR Mate series from other robots is the controller (the R-30iB Plus Mate controller). The LR Mate controller is smaller than the standard controller, but still has all the same opportunities and options available. The other “Plus” with the Mate controller is there are options for input voltages. FANUC offers one controller set up for 120V input that makes the robot more mobile allowing you to move the robot to different areas of the facility. You can also get it configurable for 240 volt.

Features of the LR Mate

Case Packing
  • Available in 5 or 6 axis
  • LR Mate mounts for floor, angle or upside-down to meet the needs of the application
  • Delivers accurate high-speed picking
  • Versatile for a variety of material handling applications
  • Can handle payloads up to 7 kg
  • IP67 wrist available

Preventive Maintenance

If you already have a FANUC LR Mate robot running a case packing, material handling, or assembly application, preventive maintenance is important for keeping the robot running smoothly. This How-to video goes over basic visual inspections that can be done weekly or monthly. After viewing the video, download and post the PM checklist near the operator station for your robot cell.

Transcript from the Video:

Hi, this is Tim Allen Ellenberger, Vice-President Motion Controls Robotics. Compared to the last time I talked to you on a robotic Tech Talk, some things have gotten smaller, hopefully me because of the camera, and we’re going to a smaller robot. This is an LR Mate 200iD – just like the other robots, all those numbers on the robot identifiers mean something LR mate 200 signifies the LR Mate 200 family the number afterward 7L – means 7 kilograms and L being long arm.

The LR Mate comes in versions that are 5 and 6 axis and range from 4 to 7 kilograms. You can get enhanced water and dust protection, and they come with a little bit smaller controller. That we’ll talk about in a minute.

We’ve had this unit run at up to 40 single picks just a little bit over 40 single picks a minute for packaging and 65-plus over 70 reflex picks (so pick, pick, place). So, this is a really powerful little unit that can get a lot done speed wise, and a little bit better payload and more traditional use than some of the other models and robots

LR Mate Cobot

This is the collaborative version of the LR mate – again it’s the 7L- with seven kilograms long arm. This unit has a force sensor in the base that allows it to be a collaborative unit. Allows it to run without additional fencing and guarding with limited speeds and you need all the safety standards that are relevant to it.

It has all the same options as any other LR Mate – on the back we have an Ethernet connector port, we have an air connector port, and the robot connector port. Like the other robot, the Ethernet connector port comes up and is accessible here so you can have external Ethernet talking there. You have a robot connector here for other IOs and you still have the 4 internal valve bank you can configure to use for grippers.

LR Mate Controller

One of the big things different for the LR mate is the controller. The LR Mate controller, obviously, is smaller than the standard controller. This is the standard controller for the larger robots – normal FANUC robots. This is the mate controller. The mate controller is physically smaller, but still has all the same opportunities and options available in it. This is the closed version there’s also an open-air version that’s even less money but it is an option. The other good thing about the LR mate is there are selectable input voltages. This one is set up for a 120V input from FANUC. The transformer plugged into a 120-volt outlet we can run this system on 120 volts AC. You can also get it configurable for 240V.

LR Mate Preventative Maintenance

For preventative maintenance for the LR Mate, it’s the same basic preventative maintenance as the other larger robots. Although a smaller unit so it doesn’t take as much grease. It still has batteries in the controller that need to be replaced and batteries in the base that need to be replaced. Both batteries need to be replaced under power and again we suggest it is completed by a certified service technician. You can get that from us or schedule that with FANUC. You’re going to also want to make sure that you check these push buttons to make sure nothing is broke there. Check the teach pendant, pendant main cable make sure there is no fraying and make sure the teach pendant is in good shape – the E-stop on the teach pendant works, the overlay looks good and the keys on the overlay are all working. Over life you’re also gonna want to check make sure all your cables are intact, that they’re tight, they’re not broken. Same with Ethernet and air checking the air line’s dress out to make sure nothing is frayed

In this case, we have a collaborative gripper mounted so like other things that collaborative gripper does need to be checked during normal preventative maintenance.

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