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Motion Controls Robotics Integration Case Study

Maximize Palletizing Power

Maximize Palletizing Power - What Type of Palletizer do I need?

Maximize Your Palletizing Power & Elevate Efficiency

Motion Controls Robotics gives you palletizing power by offering a variety of palletizing options. Find the best palletizing option for your application:

  • Collaborative Palletizer – Increase safety and interaction using a collaborative palletizer in your facility.
  • Single Cell – Automate the stacking of a variety of products in one small footprint.
  • Centralized – Manufacture, then bring all your product to one area to have it sorted and palletized on order ready pallets.

Watch our palletizing video and fill out a quick, 5 question form to get the best palletizing option for your application.

Quick Description & System Examples

Below is a quick description of each type of palletizer we offer at Motion Controls Robotics. All palletizer come with durable and reliable FANUC robots. FANUC offers a wide variety of robots, so there is one perfect for your rate and weight needs. By clicking on the Learn More button, you can explore an example system that we have designed, built, and installed for a customer.

Quick Palletizer Form

Get the palletizer that is best for your application.

What Palletizer do I need?
What type of product you are palletizing?
How would you describe your product assortment?
Do people need to be in and out of the cell often?

Industrial Palletizing - Single Cell

cases | wrapped product | rolls | bags | plastics | cans
Single Cell Industrial Palletizing uses one robot to efficiently stack and arrange products on pallets in manufacturing facilities. Single cell setups save floorspace and can handle up to 4 products per cell.

Single Cell palletizers are the preferred end-of-line solution for higher throughput. These palletizers are flexible enough that it is easy to expand the footprint to include another infeed line.

You can significantly enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve workplace safety.

Collaborative Palletizing

Revolutionize your manufacturing process with the power of collaboration! Collaborative Robot Palletizing combines the efficiency of robots with the adaptability of human workers to streamline palletizing operations.

With our BA Palletizer option you can have the no programming option of setting up a palletizing robot where you need it.

Robots and humans work side by side, seamlessly coordinating their efforts to stack and arrange products on pallets ensuring maximum productivity, flexibility, and safety.

Centralized Palletizing

Take advantage of streamlined logistics with Robotic Centralized Palletizing! Centralized palletizes utilizes robots and/or rails in a centralized location to efficiently handle and arrange products onto pallets in a systematic manner.

Robots precisely stack products according to predefined patterns, ensuring consistent and secure placement, while significantly reducing manual labor and associated costs.

With Robotic Centralized Palletizing, companies can optimize their palletizing processes, minimize errors, and maximize efficiency. 

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