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Do I Need a Robot Leveling Plate

A robot leveling plate allows the base of the robot to be leveled if the floor below the robot is not level. This is accomplished with steel plates that are anchored to the floor and have adjustment screws for leveling.

Robot Leveling Plate for a Six Axis Robots

6 axis robots, like the FANUC R2000 or LR Mate 200iD/7L, typically do not need a leveling plate since these robots are able to pick/place any object in any point in space (within its work envelope) and reorient it to any other point in space. For this reason it does not matter whether or not the robot is perfectly level.


Robot Leveling Plate for a Four Axis Robots

4 axis robots such as the FANUC M410iB/185 do need to be level. Pick and drop locations such as conveyor infeed stations and palletizing stations should be level as well. A four axis robot can only pick and place objects in a plane that is parallel to the one where it is mounted since it is missing two axis of motion. The face plate is typically always facing downward on these robots.



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