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AGV Solution Options

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are a transformative solution in the world of material handling and logistics. These autonomous, self-driving vehicles bring efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness for almost any industry.

AGVs are designed to perform a wide array of tasks, from transporting goods to working seamlessly alongside human employees, offering a significant improvement in productivity and safety over fork truck traffic. Below, you can explore the fundamental concepts, functionality, and diverse applications of Automated Guided Vehicles, shedding light on how they are revolutionizing the way we move materials and goods in various industrial settings.


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  • M10K-T
  • M100-TT
  • M300-TT
  • M100-ST

Pallet Jack

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  • M8K-J
Pallet jack

Counterbalance Fork

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  • M3K-CF
  • M4K-CF
  • M300-CF

Single Conveyor

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  • M300-SC

AGV Control Options

AGV’s can run in a simple loop without upper level computer controls, or a “Cart Management System” (CMS) allows the carts to operate in complex layouts with computer blocking controls and to interface with other in-plant systems. The Windows based CMS cart controller allows the user to reconfigure carts easily, through drop down menus. Modified guidepath layouts and cart functions can be downloaded via Wi-Fi radio signal to the carts in seconds.

An Automatic Guided Vehicle graphical monitoring screen with simple and intuitive operator interface is available for the CMS controller – providing your operations and maintenance personnel complete control and access to your assembly line. Multiple graphic screens can be easily located anywhere with network access to the CMS.

Contact Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. today to learn more about what you will need to get started on a SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart System. Drive cost savings
to your bottom line, improve your system operation, and provide a more friendly work environment for your most valuable asset – your employees.

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