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UT Co-op Program Benefits Robotics Industry

co-op programMotion Controls Robotics is one of 2,400 companies with the privilege of employing students from the University of Toledo (UT) College of Engineering Co-op program. Motion Controls Robotics fully supports co-op programs because getting young students involved in and excited about the robotics industry is extremely important.

What is a Co-op Program?

Co-op Programs are becoming more and more popular because they allow students the real-world experience of working in their perspective field. A Co-op program means students spend periods of their schooling by attending regular classroom prep, but they also spend periods of their schooling starting their career in a full-time, paid position that aligns with their major.

UT is one of 8 schools in the United States to have a mandatory co-op program for all engineers attending the school. The co-op program requires three semesters of on the job work experience.

John – Mechanical Engineer Co-op

MCRI Engineers

MCRI looks for electrical and mechanical engineers – giving them the opportunity to put their skills to work in the field of robotics. The students involved in the co-op program often stay all three years at MCRI. They are given chances, through an increasing level of real-world responsibilities, to design and develop multiple components of robot systems while under the supervision of their mentor engineer. Some UT students even graduate to become full-time employees at MCRI.

MCRI currently has a variety of co-op students working in the Fremont, OH facility; a senior that is graduating with a job offer from us, students working toward their major, and two UT alumni working at MCRI.

See these students speak about the partnership of MCRI and the UT Co-op Program.

University of Toledo (UT) College of Engineering Career Expo

Twice a year the University of Toledo holds a Career Expo. Motion Controls Robotics recently attended the Spring Expo along with 140 other companies and hundreds of UT students. It is obvious from attending these events that the options afforded are not only unique for the students but also for the companies involved.

Andy Horn, MCRI’s Engineering Manager, explains, “MCRI and University of Toledo’s Engineering Co-op program are partners in the growing success of the company as a whole. We are extremely excited about future co-op’s, the experience gained while being here, and the valuable resource for full-time Engineers after graduation!”

MCRI’s Engineering Manager, Andy Horn, interviews, hires, and heads-up supervision of all our Co-op employees. The students that work under Horn’s guidance receive excellent hands-on experience in projects typical of the robotics industry. MCRI evaluates the Co-op’s performance during their experience and gives them tips for improvement.

Motion Controls Robotics appreciates the chance these programs give us to find great, young employees. We wanted to share some of our co-op students’ experiences to help others see how important co-op programs, like the one at the UT College of Engineering, are for developing a strong workforce for the future.

This has been a great experience and we want to share some of the Co-op’s experiences. We interviewed each student and we will post the full interviews here each month.

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